Best Tech for a Media Room

Every home needs a media room. Seriously, if you’ve only got a single room in your entire home, turn it into a media room. Why? Simple. Where a ‘media room’ used to be all about the movies and music—watching a gargantuan-sized television or listening to music with enormous speakers blasting—today. it’s a flexible, multifunctional experience wherein all the separate compartments of your life coalesce. A pretty amazing feat for one room! And now that you’ve decided to do this thing, you’ll want to do it right. Where to begin? What are you going to put into your media room that will make it that special cozy cave you’ve always wanted? The answer to that question lies within the term itself—you begin with the media. And when you’re searching for the best tech for a media room, you go straight to the source for home theater design in New Jersey—the media room designers who are ‘in-the-know.’ Here are some tips from them about the newest and best technology available for your media room.

No-wait TV

Nobody likes waiting, and with technology the way it is, waiting is a thing of the past. That’s why you’ll love the latest in TV tech that allows you to watch TV wherever and whenever. With today’s technology, you can turn an internet-connected PC into your favorite TV shows any time day or night, no hassle, no waiting. Wireless multimedia networking makes it possible to watch globally from anywhere at any time.

Total tech

Technology today is all about integration—bringing together multiple media sources that cross over, making your media-room experience broader, fuller, and more complete. Media center PCs are a great way to bring together all the things you need in one place: TV, DVD player, DVR, CD player, FM tuner, and more.

Smart and wise

The ‘smart’ home—there was a time when it was just a futuristic fantasy, but today, ‘smart’ is not only real; it’s wise. Today’s smart-home tech is more affordable, accessible, and attainable than ever, thanks to the exhaustive research and testing coming out of the higher-than-high tech industries. Yesterday, smart tech had to be simultaneous with home construction, but today the term ‘add-on’ isn’t just for Firefox or Amazon; it’s the newest media automation that can be added into any home. Smart home systems have the power to control entertainment, lighting, energy, security, and any number of other connective devices, making your home into one smart and wise structure that can be controlled from without as well as from within.


Technology is supposed to be about simplicity, and today’s media room tech is just that. If you’re looking for simplicity, system integrators have the capability of affording you one-touch ‘on’ buttons for your media room’s technology, giving you the ability to control it from wherever you are in your home.

Television with a conscience

Sounds impossible, but it really isn’t—though televisions aren’t exactly what you’d call ‘eco-friendly,’ there are some that are kinder and gentler on the environment than others. In fact, much of today’s electronics industry is answering the call for more environmentally conscious televisions whose carbon footprints don’t look like they’re wearing clown shoes. For instance, televisions with LED backlighting is much more neighborly to the environment than are their fluorescent-based LCD or plasma brothers. Okay, if you’re a died-in-the-wool environmentalist, you probably don’t own a television at all, but if you’re someone who just can’t live without your soaps, mysteries, or game shows, try an LED-backlit LCD set for its energy efficiency as well as its mercury-free components.

It bears repeating—every home needs a media room. If you already have a media room, when it comes to home theater design in New Jersey, consider adding today’s best technology that is smart, wise, integrated, and truly has the power to make your life simpler. If you’re embarking on building a new media room from the ground up, the best place to start is by deciding which technology you want in it. Imagine your family and friends gathering in your new media room, and design the room based on those imagined activities—soon your imagination will fuse with reality! Contact a media room designer in Short Hills for more information about today’s best new media technologies.

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