Family Friendly Home Theater Design

Sounds sort of redundant, doesn’t it—‘family friendly’ home theater design? After all, who wouldn’t consider having a theater in their very own home a friendly proposition—particularly your children?! Truly, there are few things you could add to your home that would be more fun or better received by your family than if you put in a home theater. And if you’ve already got one, well, you know just how cool it can be! For those who don’t already have a home theater and are considering adding one to their homes, you likely have questions about what to include, particularly if you’re not sure what items would be considered ‘family friendly.’ And if you’re someone whose home already has a home theater, are you sure everything in it is, indeed, family friendly? When it comes to home theater design in New Jersey and throughout the country, ‘family friendly’ is all about that which not only meets with your and your family’s approval, but also makes your home more amenable to entertaining.

Why a home theater?

First things first—why should you include a home theater in your house? Well, if you’ve got children, the answer is right in front of you already. In this day and age, keeping your children at home for after-school activities is one of the best ways to navigate this thing called ‘parenting,’ particularly when it comes to their social lives. It’s also a great way to get to know their friends. And it’s an ideal means of entertaining your friends and neighbors. Additionally, having a home theater gives you home-court advantage with clients. Seriously, if you bring clients into your home theater, you can wow them with an entertaining media experience they won’t stop talking about!

What should you include in your home theater?

Now that you’ve made your decision about a home theater, it’s time to think about the family friendly components of it. You have a number of options on this subject. You can purchase one big system that includes everything you’ll need, or you can make decisions on each separate component. For some folks, family friendly means keeping it simple; for others, it means having the option of deciding together on each and every separate piece of their new home theater. There are advantages to each of these two options. When purchasing one big system, you can consult with a professional media designer and let them know all your wants and needs. If you’re choosing your home theater design piece by piece, you’ll still want a professional’s expertise.

Piecing together your home theater

When it comes to home theaters, the most important components to decide upon are audio and visual. But home theater design goes beyond that into seating elements and technology. When designing your media room, think of the following: television or screen, speakers, seating, and tech smartness.


First, think about what you and your family want and need in a television or screen. There are a number of factors to think about when choosing the right TV for your home theater, including screen size; picture quality issues such as resolution, 3D, contrast ratio, refresh rates, energy efficiency, compatibility with gaming or other entertainment system components, warranties, and of course, price. Talk with a home theater design professional near you for particulars on these details to nail down the best choice for you and your family. Remember to include how and where you want the TV mounted; you’ll need this information in order to determine thickness and weight of the television you choose.


Because speakers can be tricky, it’s probably best to speak with a professional on this one. Media room designers are a wealth of information for the many particulars about the different types of speakers and how well each will fit into your new home theater and lifestyle. Or you can go online to research the many options. Be sure to research these factors: sound quality, acoustics, amplifier power, performance and reviews, and price.


Home theater seating is about so much more than installing a few theater chairs into your media living space, particularly if it’s going to be family friendly. First, you need to have enough seating for everyone—family first and then everyone else you plan on entertaining. You also need to consider the comfort of the seating. Today’s seating is all about being ergonomically correct, and for good reason. Whether you’re going to be sitting in a chair, a sofa, a theater seat, or any combination thereof over the course of watching an event or two, you need to know it’s friendly to your spine and musculature. And, of course, you’ll want some extras, such as enough arm rests for everyone, areas for cups and snacks, and a little room for storage so you don’t have to keep going back to the fridge or cabinet every time you want something.


How smart do you need your system to be? For instance, do you need remote access from outside the room?  How much interaction do you need from your TV? Will you be hooking it up to any other components? Do you want to be able to stream movies or sporting events that aren’t offered in your cable package? Are you a gamer? You have a ton of options concerning smart technology these days; be sure to do your research on all the latest gadgets.

Having a theater inside your home can be a great way to bring your family together, as well as entertain friends, co-workers, neighbors, and even clients. For more information on how to bring together the most family friendly home theater design for your needs, contact a company that specializes in media room design in Short Hills.

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