Ultra Short Throw Projector

LG Ultra Short Throw Projector and a CLR Light Rejecting Projection Screen

Ultra-short-throw (UST) projectors are another great option in the world of home theaters and media rooms. Their name comes from their ability to project very large images from a short distance, meaning they’re perfect for smaller spaces that you wouldn’t be able to use a traditional projector setup in. Practically any room in your house can now be set up as a home theater!

To get the best picture out of UST projectors, ceiling light rejecting (CLR) projecting screens are used to absorb ambient light that could otherwise wash out or interfere with the projection. That means overhead lighting in particular is filtered out, so that only the projector’s light is what gets reflected properly. This results in a beautiful, clear, and high-contrast image in either a bright or dark room. CLR screens also support a wide viewing angle, so your audience can spread out and still receive the same high-quality visuals.

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