Media Room Design Trends

Nothing is quite like having your own media room. A media room is so much more than just watching TV; otherwise, you’d just stay in your living room and forget the media room altogether, right? No, having a media room is about having an entertainment extravaganza right in your very own home. It’s the place you, your family, friends, neighbors can all go to for any number of fun activities. Sporting events, television series binging, gaming fun and tournaments, parties, or just sitting and relaxing alone or with your partner—these are just a few of the limitless activities your media room affords you. And when it comes to perfectly outfitting it, your best bet is to rely on whatever’s trending in the way of home theater design in New Jersey and throughout the country. After all, if it’s trending, it’s likely the best of its kind available on the market today.


Today’s media rooms aren’t yesterday’s. This might sound a bit odd, since media rooms really haven’t been around very long. But the fact is that media room design is evolving nearly as quickly as the tech that goes into them. Media room designers have stepped up their game considerably, as homeowners are looking for more in the way of style, elegance, and comfort. And so, one of the biggest trends of the year for media room design is to create an entire media room around a single, cohesive, exciting theme. Topping the list of those styles trending are Hollywood and the stars.

Hollywood glam

Most people could use a little more glamour in their lives, and media rooms almost scream for it. In fact, the very concept of having a media room in your home cries out for glamour, regardless of your personal style preferences. And, naturally, nobody beats Hollywood in the glam game. The trend of the Hollywood glamour media room incorporates elements of old-time Hollywood, such as plush red carpets, huge overstuffed furniture, and tufted fabric-covered walls or ceilings into a modern tech living space. For added style that will make you feel like a celebrity, include a throwback-style chandelier or a huge bar ala ‘The Shining’ or even a hyper-themed bar like the ‘Star Wars Mos Eisley Cantina’!

Theater under the stars

What better way to watch your favorite television series or sporting event than by doing it under the stars?! One of this year’s hottest trends for media room design is to sculpt out a fabulous skylight in order to entertain directly under the night’s sparkling sky. If a skylight isn’t an option in your home, consider installing fiber optics right into the ceiling that will make you feel like you’re watching movies in a planetarium!


The right seating can make or break a media room, and that’s why seating options have expanded so elaborately. Where the theater setting for a media room used to top the list of seating options, today’s hottest seating trends are about bringing folks together rather than separating them with cup holders and arm rests in between.

Platform bed

For real simplicity and togetherness in a media room, consider this hot trend: the platform bed! Nothing is hotter today in media room design for all-inclusiveness than opting for a huge oversized platform bed that gives viewers the chance to lie back and relax while watching their faves on that giant screen.

Oversized sectional sofa

Another big trend for media seating is the choice of the great oversized sectional sofa instead of separate chairs. And the choices for these babies are endless. Whether you’re looking for something simple, something elegant and glamorous, sofas with extra storage and cup holders, or anything in between, the options for oversized sectional sofas that fit perfectly into a media room will afford you, your family, and friends the best combos for watching and listening to media, entertaining, or just sitting around talking about your day.

More home builders are including media rooms in their design specs because more home buyers want them. And more families than ever are ditching their simple old living rooms, garage spaces, or home offices, opting for the comprehensive multi-function of the media room. If you’re looking for more ideas to transform your media room, contact a company that specializes in home theater design and TV installation in Short Hills.

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