Ron Carter,East Orange, NJ

David Farber, CFP
August 8, 2019
Scott Wolfe, Principal, South Mountain School
August 8, 2019

In 2006 All Media Consultants helped us plan, purchase and then install a state of the art entertainment system in our newly redecorated apartment. When I began imagining what I wanted Saul heard me out, took the ideas and help us with excellent equipment.

Additionally he took some older equipment I had including a Reel to Reel Tape Recorder, a Cassette Tape Recorder and a Turntable and incorporated them into what must be one of the few “multi-generational” systems in Essex County.

My highest praise for All Media is his unflagging sense of customer service which has included follow up visits to help readjust or add newer equipment such as our new Hi Def TV.

I can offer to recommend All Media without reservation!

I hope you enjoy your new system even half as much as I enjoy mine.