Tania Shehzad

Mark Alterio, Short Hills
August 8, 2019
David, Maplewood
August 8, 2019

Recently I asked the group for referrals for an A/V company to install a Sonos music system around the house.
Based on the majority of the referrals we went with Saul Sutton at All Media Consultants. We got the whole house done in half a day and are extremely pleased with the results. Saul and his team were true professionals and went above and beyond to maximize some equipment we had from the previous owners and give us the most cost effective solution. Thank you for a great referral and we would highly recommend Saul and his team for any media projects around the house. They also helped us set up wifi network around the house on all floors and suggested optimal ways of organizing our music and equipment. Highly recommend them!

PS: we had three other companies come out, happy to provide feedback on others privately.